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Discover Mammoth TV Video Library

Welcome to our updated video library. Here you will find lot's of video action from Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding area. 

All the videos below that are classics have been re-mastered with fresh sound and cleaner edits.  Each video is also presented in a HD Flash Player.

During the 2010 season our team will be out producing all new Action, Adventures and Activities.

Enjoy the Video Funs!

ps there are 23 classic videos below, more to be posted soon.

Mammoth Snowman

Classic Videos from Mammoth Mountain and the Mammoth Lakes area.

Unbound Snow Board Park Action Reaction
On any given day the unbound park is going off with some incredible action.  In this video we teamed up with some insane locals and pros for a ride fest in the Mammoth Mountain Unbound Park.  Music: Safety Orange.  Click here for the video.
Blow -Mammoth Mountain Snow Video Blow
This Mammoth Mountain snow stoke video was all about the powder crud and the wind blowing it all around the runs off of Mammoth Mountains Chair 23.  The Drop Outs and Wipe Out runs are featured in this video.  Music: Duress  Click here for the video
Bros on Carson's 2008
Pat from PM Gear in Reno sent down a couple of his sponsored riders.  Not only could these guys huck they could rip fast turns up on Climax and Dave's Run.  They had the most fun up on Carson's where they got some Hucking in.  Music: River Boat Gamblers  Click here for the video!
Chair 22 Blizzard
This is one classic powder video from chair 22.  Shot during a storm cycle we grabbed the best of the best and pieced them into this video. Many local riders are in this one: Tele Kelly, Andy O, Flaskman, Bobby T, Ryan Boyer and many others. Music Bob Sweigart or Linkin Park depending on the version you play. Click here for the video
Chair One Ride Chair 1 Ride
Take a ride on Mammoth Mountain's Chair One.  It's a high speed quad and we show you the ride up from several different seasons.  You will love the part were we get to see how they had to groom gravy chute.  Music: Bob Sweigart
Click here for the video
It was an epic powder week in February 2007 when we made this snow stoke video up on Mammoth Mountain. Snowman was blessed to hook up with some seasoned local riders: Flaskman, Tarkman, Dave O Dave, Ryan Boyer and Mike.  Click here for the video
Huck it
Mammoth Mountain is the home of many huckers.  In this video we offer you up huck after huck. We found guys Hucking off every possible cliff band during the Big Winter of 2006. It was a lot of fun to try and get some great video.  Here is the best of what we could find in the video vault from that epic season. Click here for the video
Huckin & Powder 09
It was a fresh powder day up on Mammoth Mountain and a bunch of friends decided to head down from Kirkwood and Whistler to play and huck. We found about 1-2 feet of fresh and plenty of rocks and cliffs to huck off of. Click here for the video
Jaunary Rage - Mammoth Mountain Video January Rage 
Seems like every January we get some killer wind buff conditions. This little video was shot one perfect January day off of Mammoth Mountain's Chair 3. Get ready to rock and roll with Tele Kelly, Tarkman and Shifty Rider. Adawg, Flaskman, Dave O Dave and more.  Click here for the video
Masters Downhill Race  
These guys and gals fly down the hill. Snowman caught this year's race with a whole new style of race coverage. Click here for the video
February Powder Video 2009  Mammoth Mountain Powder February 2009
With 5-6 feet of fresh Alta type powder we headed up for some face shots.  Most people could not move it was so deep. For those with the right gear and skills it was game on!
Click here for the video

The Mammoth Quest Quest Mammoth Mountain 2009
This was the qualifying round for the Nissan Challenge.  3 days of fun for many people to try to get into the pro round.  The first two days the gang hit Hemlocks and then the final day of fun was up on Oh Sh#t.  This video was made possible by Wave Rave in Mammoth Lakes. This is a must see video...
Rail Jam
The rail jam comes to Mammoth Mountain's Unbound every season.  Over the next 6 minuets get ready to slide the rails at Mammoth, grab a jar of peanut butter first... Click here for the video
Your Own Video Snow Stoke Your Own
This Mammoth Mtn snow stoke video brings some of the best clips from the '06 - '08 seasons. Powder, Hucking, wind buff and more!  Click here for the video presentation.
Root Beer Float - Mammoth Mountain Snow Stoke Video Root Beer Float
There is nothing like floating down chair 22's avy 2.  In this video we hit it up from powder to powder crud.  The wind was also blowing in lots of fresh sugar.   
Click here for the video
The Ski Patrol Weather Station
In this video Snowman tracked down Alex Clayton to get some bottom line information on the Snow Study Site.  The weather station allows you to track snowfall live at 9000 feet.  It also measures the current base depth. Click here for the video...
Snowman Adventure 106
Snowman's Snow Adventure 106 takes you for a ride up The Mammoth Mountain Gondola. Then you get to ski and ride down with a few of the Mammoth locals. There is lot's of fun to bad had in this second segment of the Adventure series.  Click here for the video!
Velocity Shot Gun Trail - Mtn Biking Video
This trail rocks you right out of the park.  The trails head is located right near the top  of chair 7.  It is easy to find from the Bike Park Trail map! 
Click here for the shot gun trail video

Velocity Velocity - Mtn Biking Video
This trail is a very popular downhill trail that you access via the gondola. Exit at McCoy Station and follow the sign to downhill action. We are working on a fresh edit with new footage from last season. Look for that post in June! Click here for the Velocity Trail Video.
Mtn Bike Racing DH Racing 2009
The California Golden State Mtn Bike Championships came to town over the Labor Day Weekend.  Our crew was focused on filming the Downhill from Top to Bottom. Click here for the video.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Video Kamikaze Downhill Mammoth Mountain Bike Park
This was part of the Mammoth Mtn Summer VC Downhill series.  This race closed out the season with about 50 local riders enjoying the course. Click here for the video.
Velocity Hook Up Action on McGee
Nothing like a stroll down McGee Creek. This video features a couple of the hook ups Nick got. Notice the fish swimming by as Nick nets his first fish. Enjoy this one! Click here for the video
Velocity Still Water Fishing Classic - Re master Coming
Click here for the video   Still-Water-Classic.mp4
Alpers Trout Video Stocking Alpers Trout at Twin Lakes
Large Alpers Trout are named after the man that raises them, Tim Alpers. These fighting fish are put into area lakes and creeks at various times and locations during the fishing season. Click here for the video
Mammoth Mountain Unbound Video
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