Snowman's 2005 Mammoth Mountain Area Daily Pictures

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The Dream comes true! After 25 years of snow bumming "The Snowman" Scores a 6-8 foot base on top of Mammoth Mountain.  The date here: October 22, 2005!!! Now that's Winter!!! Yahoo...lool no stairs to have to walk down! Snowman gets some wind duff! Looking down the finger chute! Wade rips up yet one more powder day! The Holiday Snowman get's dumped on again! Kelly Simpkins rips it up! Looking up to the Top from the chair 5 unloading station! Snowman in the Trees Ready, Set, Go! Chair line of 14. Hemlock 2005 The Flaskman Nice! It's April 9th, 2005 and "The Sign" is almost gone.  This area around "The Sign" gets groomed nightly. For this reason we have no real idea how deep this pole might be if it where not for the grooming. Yes there is a hill under this pile of snow, but the hill is set back about 10 feet from that snow pole!  This wall of snow was around till June when the Mt. had to knock it down.  The pile started to cornice bad and was in danger of taking out cars parked below. Yo Andy, that is some nice snow you are ripping! On Noooo... the wind is blowing the wrong way.  It sure makes a nice picture! No slackers! Check out the snow level of the main lodge in this picture! The Sherwins - 86 Avy Path Sheebz Climax Wind blown on Dave's was Epic! June and it is snowing again! The Spring/Summer Pipe! The bumps line's are raging! Looking down on Chair 1! Mammoth Creek - Mammoth Meadows Summer Turns! From The Snowman's Deck:  A Summer Thunder Head! July 24 and you can still makes turns! Boating on Lake Mary. Snowman on the Summer Corn Little Eagle on a Rainy Summer Day Mammoth Firewood makes a 2 Cord Drop! Sunrise on a Old Growth Jeffery Pine Mammoth Rock Chair 7 Hill Climb Looking out from the top of Mammopth Mountain A nice summer walk looking up at Chair 23! Flaskman harvests some Lodge Pole! Early Summer Rays on Lincoln Mt.. You can still get 10 Turns in on the Cornice Bowl.