Fishing Mammoth Lakes & The Eastern Sierra

Fishing in Mammoth Lakes – If you have never been fishing out the Mammoth Lakes area you are in for a treat.  Some of our local waters offer up some of the best trout fishing in the world.  From creek fishing, to rivers, to lakeside or boating fun, local area offers some of the most scenic and productive trout fishing the USA.

This trout fishing section will help you discover some great fishing spots while your visiting Mammoth Lakes and  Southern Mono County.

Eastern Sierra & Mammoth Lakes Fishing features DFG stocked Rainbows, Browns and Cut Throats, add in Alpers Trophy sized Rainbows and you are one cast a away from the catch of a life time.

Free Fishing Days:  please contact the California Department of Fish & Game at 760-872-1171 or visit


Fishing Mammoth Lakes & the Eastern Sierra

Information and Ideas

Mammoth Lakes has several fishing shops that can meet the needs of all three styles of fishing.  Most shops also have gear and float tube rentals.

Some fishing adventures that you must experience are: Lake Mary searching for the monster Alpers Trout, Mammoth Creek after they Stock DFG Trout or Alpers Trout, fly fishing Mc Gee Creek below Convict Creek, fly fishing with the Crowley Lake Midge, the East Walker river with a guide, Hot Creek, and many more.

A great experience for the kids is the hot creek fish hatchery.  Just a 5 minute drive south out of Mammoth, you can park and walk the main water way at the hatchery.  Bring change so you buy some feed for the fish.

If you have a half or full day you can also check out the new Conway Ranch.  Fish Stocking, Trophy Trout Fishing and Interactive tours for the public. Look for fresh write ups and images on both Conway and Hot Creek very soon.

Ideas of where to go Fishing Mammoth Lakes

Click here for  some great ideas of were to go fishing on your next trip up to Mammoth Lakes.