Alpers Trout Tim Alpers

Alpers Trout Large Alpers Trout are named after the man that raises them, Tim Alpers.  These fighting fish are put into area lakes and creeks at various times and locations during the fishing season.

All across Inyo and Mono counties, fishing has changed with the stocking of these fish. Alpers Trout are your best chance at taking home a trophy trout fish story.

Just think these fish are now in just about every body of water around. From lakes, rivers, and area creeks. Any cast could result in the 3-5 pound hook up no matter if you 4 or 94.

We captured some video of the famous Tim Alpers and his side kick Roy up at Twin Lakes in Mammoth. Take a look at the monsters they are stocking.

Alpers Trout are not your normal stocked fish.  They are big and fat and they put up a real nasty fight. If your into trout for a meal Alpers trout have a nice pink salmon like meat that when prepared right tastes great.  Alpers Trout average around 2-4 pounds, but can be larger than 12.

Alpers trout are a pure pedigreed trophy fish, raised on the families beautiful private ranch, on the upper Owens River.  These fish where developed for size, fight, appearance and taste.

Over 100 years ago, Alpers Family bought the 210-acre Owens River Ranch from the original homesteader’s family.  Alpers and his dad started their rainbow trout farming operation in 1971. “It’s the water,” Alpers said… and a secret family recipe of other nutritious goodies.  It takes about three years to grow trophy-size Alpers trout.

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