5-4-2017 – What’s up in Mammoth Lakes, California?

5-4-2017 – Good Morning from Mammoth Lakes, we have clear skies today.

Highs will be near 70 today in town with light SW winds 5-15 MPH during the afternoon hours.

There will be a 20% chance of T-storms and a few rain drops today and Friday.

If your coming up for the weekend we expect highs to cool down 10-15 degrees. There will be a chance of rain on Saturday.

Rain is likely Saturday night and then snow showers are likely on Sunday. Snow Levels look to now be around 8000 feet on Saturday and then down to 7000 feet on Sunday.

Only a dusting expected below 8000 feet, but from Main Lodge up we could see 6-12+ inches or fresh snow by mid day on Sunday.

Use this link to get detailed weather and your long range outlook for the Mammoth Lakes area.

Roads in town and up to main lodge area now clear and snow and ice free. The road into the heart of the Lakes Basin is closed with 15-20 feet of snow on the ground.

All mountain passes to the west side remain closed due to snow at this time. Tioga Pass has not set date to open. It might be July 4th or later before that road can open.

The Mammoth Mountain Ski area is open with all operations out of the Main Lodge with chairs 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11, 23 and G1 and G2 running this mid week on a base of 200-350+ inches. To get the full details of snow conditions check out our Mammoth Snowman Report at this link.

Fishing Season is now open in Inyo and Mono Counties. We saw some large fish get pulled out of local lakes on Saturday. The warming weather should get the bite going strong this week.

Please note: Beware of local creeks and rivers as the runoff is going to pick up big time this week. Fishing along these areas will also become difficult.

Campgrounds open: Crowley Lake (BLM), Convict Lake, Mammoth Mtn. RV Park (private, year round).

Campgrounds closed and expected opening dates: Agnew Meadows (7/30), Agnew Meadows Group (7/30), Agnew Meadows Horse Campground (7/30), Brown’s Owens River (private), Coldwater (6/2), Devils Postpile (NPS), Lake George (6/2), Lake Mary (6/2), Minaret Falls (7/15), New Shady Rest (5/5), Old Shady Rest (6/2), Pine City (6/2), Pine Glen Family/Group (6/20), Pumice Flat (7/15), Pumice Flat Group (7/15), Reds Meadow (7/15), Sherwin Creek (5/15), Twin Lakes (6/1), Upper Soda Springs (7/15),

Scroll down the page for more information on what to do this week in Mammoth Lakes.


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What’s up in Mammoth Lakes this week: 

5-4-2017 – Spring has sprung here in Mammoth Lakes after the biggest water year in our history. 100 inches of water was recored at Main Lodge this winter. Of course most of that was snow and that had created a massive base of snow.

Here in the lower elevations of town we have seen a lot of the winters snows melt off. However in the upper reaches of town we still have 6-10 foot snow banks and those will take a month or more to melt off.

Up in the Lakes Basin it will take half the summer to melt off all the snow in the campgrounds and around the main lakes you can drive to. The back country looks to be snow covered in many spots until next fall. Some areas will have snow on trails all year during 2017. 

No word yet on when they will start to plow the lakes basin, we will update you when we here any news of that happening

Hiking trails above 7500-8000 feet are now covered in snow. If you want to do a fun snow covered hike gets some good water proof boots on and park at Twin Lakes and walk up to Lake Mary to see the deep snow base. Go during the morn hours when the snow is still firm. 

The Paved Town trails are starting to melt out, however until the town makes the effort to blow them out they will be a mix of pavement and snow pack.

The trail from the park along old Mammoth Road down to the college and down to the skate park is about 75% melted out at this time. If your in hiking boots you will have no problem getting over the snow patches.  

The Mammoth Lakes Basin Trail is stiff under snow from Kelly Road up, so until they plow it or it melts I would not advise even trying to walk up it in the snow. 

Fishing is now in full swing here in Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Creek is stocked and fishable. As things warm up the water flow will pick up and it will be a tough to fish on. 

Crowley Lake is full and free of ice, it’s also stocked with a ton of fish. If you want to fish Crowley is the place until more lakes get melted out.

The upper Owens River is running very high at this time, use caution if your driving off road in the area. Many sections are flooded and have turned very muddy.


Up in the Lakes Basin there is just a bit of open water at the first body of Twin Lakes, the rest of the lakes are under 10-15+ feet of snow. 

Mountain Biking is limited to local dirt roads below 8000 feet. Rock Creek Trail is your best bet as it has melted out and is in great shape. This weeks warm up should get some more dirt roads open, I will keep you updated. 

Road Bikes can now ride in town and of course out of the Green Church or try the old 395 for some good climbing. If you’re riding in town watch for the many pot holes that are still not all filled in yet.


Who is Steve Taylor – The Mammoth Snowman? Over the last 30+ years, Snowman have spent countless hours studying and learning about mammoth mountain weather and snow conditions first hand.

Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to MammothSnowman.com in 2004 with his Video & Photo Blog reports. (No You Tube back then)

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